joi, 10 ianuarie 2013

Rhythm Of My Heart

Sa ascultam  ritmul inimii lui Rod Stewart (n.10 ianuarie 1945) in timp ce urmarim o poveste frumoasa  cu final fericit in videoclipul sau :

 Va scriu aici si versurile  poate vreti sa le invatati :

Across the street the river runs.
Down in the guter life is slipping away.                                              
Let me still exist in another place,
Running down under cover
Of a helicopter blade.

The flames are getting higher
In effigy.
Burning down the bridges of my memory.
Love may still alive
somewhere someday
where they're downing only deer
a hundred steel towns away.

Oh, rhythm of my heart
is beating like a drum
with the words "I Love you"
rolling off my tongue.
No never will I roam,
for I know my place is home.
Where the ocean meets the sky,
I'll be sailing.

Photographs and kerosene
light up my darkness,
light it up,
light it up.
I can still feel the touch
of your thin blue jeans.
Running down the alley,
I've got my eyes all over you, baby.
Oh, baby.

Oh, I've got lightning in my veins,
shifting like the handle
of a slot machine.
Love may still exist
in another place.
I'm just yanking back the handle,
no expression on my face.

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